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Levels of Support


FARR does not offer a rating scale as it regards the efficacy or valuation of any individual Certified Residence. Our mission is to ensure the availability of housing that is:

  1. safe and dignified

  2. alcohol and drug free

  3. a peer supportive environment

  4. a good neighbor and responsible citizen

NARR Standards and Code of Ethics serve as guides for how best to achieve these four goals and provide a basis for service provider accountability to an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to upholding the resident’s right to access high quality, recovery-oriented housing. Some support levels are more organically ‘peer-supportive’ than others and, when selecting a program, individual residents are ‘best’ served by first gaining a deeper appreciation of defining criteria for each level.

FARR recognizes four distinct support levels under the singular term Recovery Residence. One level is not better or more advanced than the others, but instead offers a unique service structure most appropriate for a particular resident.

NARR Levels I, II, III and IV should not be confused with terminology specific to the Florida Department of Children and Families – Substance Abuse licensure and regulation of behavioral healthcare providers. NARR Levels do not correspond to licensing categories as presented under Department Rule 65D-30 F.A.C.  NARR Levels I, II, III & IV clarify Consumer and Continuum of Care Coordinator expectations for services, support and supervision provided by a recovery residence certified to be compliant with the NARR Quality Standards and Code of Ethics.

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A Primer on Recovery Residences - FAQs from NARR

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