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Certification Overview

FARR Certification is a consultative process. It begins with a thorough review of the NARR Standard by the prospective applicant. Parties who desire to voluntary submit for certification to this Standard may apply online by selecting the “Apply Now” navigation button at the bottom of this page. The dynamic online application form poses specific questions based on answers to preliminary inquiries regarding number of locations and support level(s) offered by the applicant organization.

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FARR is not a licensing authority, nor are we the “recovery residence police”.  Our mission is to promote quality recovery housing through provider compliance with the National Standard. Our certification team is comprised of trained administrative & field personnel. Through open and transparent collaboration, FARR personnel guide applicant owners, managers and staff to achieve the Standard. The duration of the certification process varies significantly based on provider preparedness, motivation and experience. The objective for both parties is to achieve successful certification. Assuming this shared objective, FARR Certification maintains unwavering integrity by ensuring providers continue to demonstrate compliance with the NARR Standard and FARR Code of Ethics.

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