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Patrick Slattery

Vice President


Patrick Slattery is the owner and operator of Real Recovery Sober Living, the largest provider of recovery residences in the state of Florida.  The Real Recovery program has 380 male beds across seven locations in the greater Tampa Bay area.  Since starting Real Recovery in 2016, Patrick has obtained his CRRA (Certified Recovery Residence Administrator), CRSS (Certified Recovery Support Specialist), CEI (Certified Event Interventionist) and his CRC (Certified Recovery Coach).

Previously, Patrick was on the Board of Directors for Recovery Epicenter, where he helped oversee both community activities and events for people in early sobriety to practice teamwork and understand fun in recovery.  Patrick continues to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the Real Recovery program in partnership with his staff of six full-time Program Administrators.

Patrick has been in recovery himself since 2015 and was once a resident at one of the sober residences he now operates. His strong foundation in recovery informs his approach and passion for the work he does. Patrick’s philosophy with men in early sobriety comes down to instilling the principles of the 12 steps along with a “direct, concise, polite” attitude.

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