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The Hartman House

Delray Beach, FL, USA

Level II


Program Description

Formed in 2007 and a charter member of FARR, The Hartman House is a level 2 FARR certified recovery residence in Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida. At The Hartman House we provide a structured and accountable environment for men who have been treated for substance use and co-occurring disorders. Our clients typically come to us from 30/60/90 day treatment programs, and have specific and individualized aftercare programs developed for them to follow while under our care.

Our single-family homes are located in Delray Beach and Boynton Beach's most desirable residential neighborhoods with easy access to recovery meetings, employment opportunities and recreational activities. The Hartman House model is to place 3 to 6 clients in each of our homes. The intent is to create an intimate environment with likeminded individuals committed to their recovery.

Each of our 8 full time staff members are dedicated to the mission of helping men in early recovery. At The Hartman House we have multiple Certified Recovery Residence Administrators and multiple CCAR Recovery Coaches. We have invested in our team to gain the necessary accreditation and training to be in a position to be of maximum service and effectiveness for our clients.

The Hartman House is a collaborative program working closely with our client's treatment teams, families and other supports to offer our men the best chance at long term sobriety and positive mental health. Our mission is to assist our clients in building a solid foundation with healthy recovery habits so when they graduate from our program they can experience continued success living independently.

Primary Contact

Sean Barr


Property Details

Gender Served


MAT Friendly


Priority Populations Served

Move In Cost


Level of Support

Level II

Special Features

Single Rooms, Premium Bedding, Pool, High End

Provider Location

Delray Beach, FL, USA

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