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Art of Living Homes

Naples, FL, USA

Level II

$1,000-$1,750 Monthly

Program Description

The Art of Living Homes (AOLH) is sponsored by iLearn Life, a 501(c)3 organization located in Naples, Florida.

We have two separate, five acre campuses. One campus that supports 12 men, and one campus that supports 12 women in their recovery. Each campus has multiple homes, meeting facilities, a pool, and wellness spaces.

We seek Program Participants who wish to discover the Art of Living within themselves. After all, Sobriety, like life itself, isn’t just about staying sober. Isn’t that the whole point? To find life on the other side of addiction? To have a spiritual tug larger than just making it through the day without compulsions or substances? We believe the opposite of addiction is connection. AOLH uses community events to hold ourselves accountable by which (1) we use connection to build an authentic community and (2) we use an authentic community to build connection. Between the forces of community and connection, we find the path to sustained sobriety.

Primary Contact

Jennifer Schmitt


Property Details

Gender Served

Both, Gender Specific

MAT Friendly


Priority Populations Served

Move In Cost

$200 Admin + $500 Deposit

Level of Support

Level II

Special Features

Premium Bedding, Pool, Single Rooms, High End, Fire Pit, Temperature contrast therapy domes, Community Barn, Gym

Provider Location

Naples, FL, USA

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